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Nobo 2400W Panel Heater NTL4S24-FS40

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Nobo 2400W Panel Heater NTL4S24-FS40
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Brand: Nobo

Nobo 2400W Panel Heater

This Nobo 2400W Panel Heater is built with simplicity in mind, making it a stylish and functional addition to your home. The sleek, minimalist design will look classy mounted on a wall. You may also use the included castors to make the unit portable, providing you more flexibility in moving it between rooms. This type is designed to run quietly, so it won't interfere with your sleep or relaxation. Enjoy the pleasure of a warm and cozy space during the cold winter months, without bulky devices or distracting noises.

2.4kW Heating Capacity

With a heating capacity of 2.4kW, this panel heater can comfortably heat a room up to 24 square meters, such as a master bedroom, dining room, or media room. It's designed to warm up a room quietly, so it won't bother the household when it's in use.

Versatile Installation Options

Simply mount this heater to a wall to turn it into an elegant household fixture. You may also use the feet to set it up where it's needed and then take it down when it's not.

Portable Design

This heater can be easily moved throughout your home, room to room, thanks to the attached castors. Alternatively, you can also choose to mount it on your wall.

Minimalist Design

The air vents of this heater are hidden to reduce visual clutter. With 55mm thickness, the compact design allows the unit to blend perfectly into any room.



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