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Types of Portable Air Conditioners

Depending on their ways of working, there are four different types of portable air conditioners that you can choose from:

Evaporative: As the name suggests, they evaporate water, drawing fresh air from outside to cool it and circulate it. There is a major disadvantage, in that the water needs to be refilled constantly, which is not automated. There will be a drip tray that needs to be cleaned regularly and filters that need to be cleaned periodically to keep the air flowing and clean.

Single-Hosed: This has a simple way of working - draw in hot air, circulate it through a refrigent to cool the air, send the cool air to the room, and the hot water out through a single hose. Simple, but quite efficient.

Double-Hosed: The mode of working is the same as that of a single-hosed portable unit, but with two outlets, this has a better cooling mechanism. Power-wise, they are better; needless to say, greater cooling efficiency is another advantage.

Heat and Cool Units/Reverse Cycle: These can be used to circulate hot and cool air in the room, depending on your choice. The mechanism of action would be the reverse of a single- or double-hosed units in that they suck in the warm air in, instead of throwing it out. These are more expensive than the other units, but provide better utility even to heat the room. The other units come in handy only during the summer, while this can be used through the year.