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Esatto 3.8kW Portable Air Conditioner

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Esatto 3.8kW Portable Air Conditioner
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Brand: Esatto

New Portable Air Conditioner for 2019-20 Australian Summer season! This 3.8kW Portable Air Conditioner from Italian Brand 'Esatto' is a Cooling Only unit (not heating for winter).

This portable air conditioner from Esatto will serve as a handy addition to your home as the weather starts to heat up. With 3.8kW of cooling power, the unit is suitable for medium sized rooms of around 30 square metres. Great for home offices, bedrooms or cosy living rooms. A portable air conditioner is a great option if you don't have the space for a split system or you don't want to deal with the fidly installation required for a window box model. As the name suggests, you can move the unit to wherever relief is needed the most.

This Esatto portable air conditioner model is compact and stylish with easy to use touch controls as well as a handy remote. Featuring multiple fan speeds, the air conditioner has 4 cooling modes (auto, cool, dry & fan). As well as a swing mode to help circulate air. Another key feature is the sleep mode, an intelligent option that maintains temperature for 7 hours at a comfortable setting. Ideal for helping you drift off on those hot Australian summer nights. You can use the timer feature to program a start or end time - useful if you want to be greeted by cool comfort when you arrive home. Furthermore, when the ION air purifier feature is engaged the unit will remove pollen and impurities from the air, cleverly trapping them in a filter.

Air Con Specs

Brand:  Esatto
Model Number:  EPAC38C
Finish Colour:  White
Height (mm):  862 mm
Width (mm):  474 mm
Depth (mm):  401 mm
Cooling Capacity:  3.8 kW
Weight (kg):  31 Kg

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