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Installing Portable Air Conditioning

Considering the various advantages of a portable air conditioner, including its portability, functionality, energy efficiency, and affordability, you have decided to get one for your home or office space. The next big thing you realize is how easy it is to install it. If you were to go for a regular air conditioner for your building, you would have to worry about breaking windows to make space for installation, restructuring the walls and try to still maintain the esthetics of the place. The portable air conditioners throws all those problems out of the window, not just your air conditioner's duct system.

You do not need to be an expert or a professional to install a portable air conditioner. Most portable air conditioning units installation come with a DIY guide, that explain things in plain layman terms, making installation both an enjoyable and easy experience.

Most air conditioners work well with all sizes of windows, but if you are particular, you could choose one that does not look a misfit - either occupying the entire window or looking too lost in your large window space. Once you have checked the window to install your portable air conditioner, close the window to the level possible, making sure the walls of the unit are fitting well into the window sides. Place the conditioner unit such that you can open the panels on the side of the unit and let them touch the wall of the window on each side. Once you are sure you have centered the unit, you can even screw it to the window frame. To make sure no unconditioned outside air is coming in through the gaps between the unit and the window frame, close the gaps with foam strips. The final step is to plug your unit into the electrical unit that is closest.