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Dyson Hot + Cool Purifying Fan Heater White HP04WS

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Dyson Hot + Cool Purifying Fan Heater White HP04WS
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Brand: Dyson

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Purifying Fan Heater

Enjoy a healthy and comfortable home with the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifier Fan Heater

This versatile purifier uses sealed HEPA filters to purify an entire room, ensuring harmful particles and contaminants are removed from the air you breathe. During the humid and hot summer months, you can also experience a delightful cooling wind. The long-range heat projection will help you avoid the chills and shivers when winter arrives. You can adjust your fan heater's oscillation to optimize air circulation in your room using the oscillation option. You can also turn on nighttime mode for quiet operation so you can get a good night's sleep.

Smooth and Stylish Design

The bladeless design of Dyson's fans not only makes them safer in homes with pets and small children, but it also makes them easier to clean.

Air Filtration

This device has a 360 degrees Glass HEPA filter that filters all of the air that travels through it for pollutants, pollen, allergies, germs, and pet dander, leaving only clean air behind.

All Year round Comfort

This purifier delivers cooling pleasure in the summer and cosy warmth in the winter. When the temperature drops, the long-range heat projection evenly heats your space, and when the temperature rises, a powerful breeze will cool you down.

Automatic Detection

The air quality of your home will be diagnosed in real-time by this smart purifier. The Dyson Link App can be used to keep track of your home and guarantee that every breath you take is pure, clean, and safe.



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