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Goldair 70W 10L Evaporative Cooler

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Goldair 70W 10L Evaporative Cooler
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Brand: Unbranded (formerly Mistral & others)

October 2021: We now sell a slimmer, sexier 10L evaporative cooler to replace this model.

✅ Evaporative Cooler
✅ Free & Fast Shipping Australia Wide

This item weighs just 6kgs and is easily shipped Australia Wide.

With summer here and so many of us not handling the heat, this cooler is exactly what you need. Stay cool and refreshed with this Goldair 70W 10L Evaporative Cooler.

This cooler is very easy to use, just fill the cooler with cold water and ice, set it to the desired temperature and sit back and enjoy the cool. Once all the water in the tank has evaporated, you simply refill the tank and away you go again. Complete in a stylish white finish to suit all home decors, this cooler is perfect for your bedroom, stay cool and comfortable this summer!


This Cheap Portable, Evaporative Air Coooler is dispatched from various locations Australia Wide.


Our Top selling Evaporative Cooler for over 5 years.

*Brand: Now sold as an Unbranded Product (formerly & sometimes still branded as Mistral, Sunair, Heller & others)

Please note that this item is an Evaporative Cooler and not a Portable Air Conditioner.

Price is now just $159 with included FREE Shipping Australia Wide to all Metropolitan and Regional Areas (excludes some remote areas).

Although this item is great cooling product and highly recommended, it is an Evaporative Cooler and not an Air Conditioner

Evaporative Cooler Features:

  • 10L Evaporative Cooler with Remote Control.
  • Stylish white finish to suit all home decors.
  • Perfect for your room or office.
  • Stay cool during warmer days in summer.
  • 10 Litre Water Tank.
  • Additional functions include Purifier and Humidifier.
  • Remote control convenience.
  • Soft touch control panel.
  • Length 65cm x width 39.70cm x depth 30 cm .
  • 7.5 Hour timer.

10L Evaporative Cooler Photo Slideshow/Video

Delivery Information

Free Shipping in Australia is included in the price for this Evaporative Cooler

This Cheap Portable, Evaporative Air Coooler is stocked primarily in Perth & Melbourne warehouses but due to it's popularity, it is also available for immediate shipping throughout Australia at over 40 different distribution points. Your evaporative cooler will be shipped from the nearest available distribution point that has stock available. This item is generally stocked in all major centers including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle / Maitland, Tweed Heads, Canberra, Sunshine Coast, Hobart, Wollongong, Geelong, Townsville, Cairns, Darwin, Toowoomba, Ballarat, Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga, Mackay, Rockhampton, Launceston, Bunbury, Bundaberg, Coffs Harbour, Hervey Bay, Wagga Wagga, Tamworth, Shepparton-Mooroopna, Port Macquarie, Gladstone-Tannum Sands, Mildura, Traralgon-Morwell, Orange, Bowral-Mittagong, Busselton, Geraldton and Dubbo.

10l Evaporative Cooler Brand Names

*Please note that this popular Evaporative Cooler is now sold in Australia as an unbranded product but is the same product as the Mistral brand that has been sold here for years. It has also been branded as an Heller Evaporative Cooler among others in the past.

Also sold in Australia & Internationally under the following brand names & descriptions

  • Macro Portable Evaporative 3 Speed Oscillating Fan Air Cooler Cold With Timer 10l
  • Heller 10 litre Evaporative Cooler with Remote Control
  • Goldair Evaporative Cooler GCEV100
  • Sunair ECS11 Evaporative Air Cooler With Remote
  • Mistral 10L Evaporative Cooler with Remote & Timer
  • Celsius Evaporative Cooler 10L
  • Number 8 Evaporative Cooler 10l White N8EC10
  • Home & Co Evaporative Cooler
  • Recco Enfriador De Aire 3 En 1
  • GVA Evaporative Cooler 10- Litre With Remote Control
  • Homemaker Evaporative Cooler ZS998
  • Oemga Altise 10 Litre Evaporative Cooler AVAP10A
  • Klimator ZS998 EQUATION
  • 水靈SaiLing
  • Rafraichisseur D'AIR ZS998
  • Homemaker Evaporative Cooler

Operating Instructions for 10L Evaporative Cooler with Remote Control & Timer

Please see operating instructions included with the unit. The following information is provided for reference only.

Warning: Keep evaporative cooler away from babies and children. Follow usage instructions carefully.

Thank you for choosing this evaporative cooler. This appliance has been designed and manufactured to high standards of engineering and with proper use and care, as described in the product leaflet. It will give you years of useful service. Please read these instructions carefully and keep your user instructions brochure for future reference.

General Care and Safety Guide

  1. Use only the voltage specified on the rating plate of the appliance.
  2. Keep all objects at least 1 Metre from the front, sides and rear of the evaporative cooler.
  3. This appliance is intended for household use only and not for commercial or industrial use.
  4. Use this evaporative cooler only as described in this manual. Any other use is not recommended by the manufacturer and may cause fire, electric shock or injury.
  5. The common cause of overheating is deposits of dust or fluff in the appliance. Ensure these deposits are removed regularly by unplugging the appliance and vacuum cleaning the air vents and grills.
  6. Always unplug appliance when not in use.
  7. When the appliance has been unpacked, check if for transport damage and ensure all parts have been delivered. If parts are missing of the appliance has been damaged, contact the CDB Customer Services Team.
  8. If your appliance does not work, or is not working properly, contact the place of purchase. Repair work on the appliance by unqualified persons can cause serious risk to the user.
  9. Ensure hands are dry before handling the plug or the Fan.
  10. Carry out regular checks of the supply cord to ensure no damage is evident.
  11. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  12. Ensure that the cord is fully extended (not coiled) while in use.
  13. Avoid contact with the moving parts. Keep hands, hair, clothing, away from blade of the Fan during operation to reduce the risk of injury to person and/or damage to the Fan.
  14. Switch off and use handles provided when moving.
  15. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they are supervised or have been given instruction concerning the use of the Fan by a person responsible for their safety.
  16. Never place appliance close to radiant heat source.
  17. Never operate in areas where petrol, paint or other flammable liquids are used or stored.
  18. Never use the appliance to dry clothes.
  19. Never insert or allow foreign objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust opening, as this may cause an electric shock, fire or damage to the appliance.
  20. Never use abrasive cleaning products on this appliance. Clean with a damp cloth (not wet) rinsed in hot soapy water only. Always remove plug from the mains supply before cleaning.
  21. Never connect the appliance to mains supply until completely assembled and adjusted.
  22. Never remove plug from power socket until the appliance has been switched off.
  23. Never remove plug from power socket by pulling cord - always grip plug.
  24. Never twist, kink or wrap the cord around the appliance, as this may cause the insulation to weaken and split. Always ensure that all cord has been removed from any cord storage area and is unrolled before use.
  25. Never use this appliance in the immediate surrounds of a bath, a shower, or a swimming pool or other liquids. The appliance must not be immersed in any liquids.
  26. Due to the risk of injury, never use this appliance for any purpose other than its intended use. This appliance is intended for use in household and similar applications such as staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments; farm houses, by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments, bed and breakfast type environments
  27. Never use this appliance outdoors.
  28. The use of an extension cord, power board, or external timer is not recommended with this unit.
  29. Never operate the appliance with a damaged cord or plug, after it malfunctions, or if it has been damaged in any manner. Have the appliance checked and repaired by a qualified electrician if repair is necessary. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.

Components of the 10L Evaporative Cooler

  1. Control panel
  2. Louvre
  3. Water level indicator
  4. Wheel (4pcs)
  5. Water tank
  6. Power Cord
  7. Water filling box (for water and ice)
  8. Back cover
  9. Air filter
  10. Water drainage outlet
  11. Handle

Operating your Evaporative Cooler - Part 1

For best operating performance position the unit in a location that will create a 'flow through' air effect. The greatest cooling effect will be felt if the unit is operated in a partly opened doorway or window with the 'cool' conditioned air directed into the room to be cooled. It is important to also have a door or window partly opened away from the cooler to create this 'flow through' effect. On days of high humidity, the cooling effect may be reduced as the air entering the filter may already be saturated with moisture. On days like this it may be better to switch the cooling feature OFF and operate the unit as a fan only.

ON/OFF: Connect the unit to a power source and press the button once to start air cooler. Press again to Power OFF the air cooler. When cooler is plugged into the main socket, the LED will light indicating the air cooler is in standby mode ready to be switched ON or OFF.

SWING: Press once, the indicating LED will light, the louvre of the air cooler begins to swing horizontally and blow cool air . Push the button again, the LED is now OFF. The louvre stops swinging, and air will blow in one direction.

SPEED: Press to change fan speed from 'High-Mid-Low', the relevant SPEED indicator LED will light up. The SPEED function (High-Mid-Low) can also be used in-conjunction with the SLEEP and Natural MODE function.

TIMER: Press to set the length of time before the cooler switches itself OFF. Press once for every 0.5hr increments. Maximum allowable time is 7.5hrs. For example, if 0.5hr and 1.0hr lights on at the same time , it means the timer is set 1. 5hrs after which time the unit will automatically switch OFF. The TIMER function is OFF when all LED lights are off.

COOL MODE: Press once for cool air. This function blows normal air through a water curtain to cooler it. Press the button again to switch this function OFF and the unit will operate in fan mode only.

Note: Please fill enough water into the water tank before using this function.

MODE: There are 3 mode functions: Normal, Natural or Sleep.

Normal mode: Constant air flow which can be adjust by pressing the SPEED function button. For example, Normal LOW or Normal MEDIUM or Normal HIGH.

Natural mode: Programmed to simulated Natural air flow (wind) as if it was entering via the window. Natural mode can be in operate HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW speed.

Sleep Mode: Programmed to provide comfort while the user is asleep. This mode is similar to the Natural mode and can operate with SPEED mode HIGH or MEDIUM or LOW.

NOTE: All of the above functions can be operated using the remote control unit.

Operating your Evaporative Cooler - Part 2

1. Ensure that the cap on the Water drainage outlet of the unit is tight. Pour clean cold water into the water filler area, observing the water level indicator in the bottom front panel.


Do not overfill past the MAX water indicator mark. If desired, place ice in the ice tank in the top of the unit. Do not pour water into the ice tank. Do not allow the combined use of water and ice to overfill the water reservoir. When moving the unit, do so with extreme caution, so as not to spill any water in the reservoir. The unit should be moved slowly and in a sideways direction. Always keep the unit upright.

2. Connect the unit to a power outlet of the same voltage and frequency as indicated on the rating plate. The unit ON/OFF LED for the power will light to indicate that there is power to the unit.

3. Turn the unit ON by depressing the ON/OFF button. The unit will start and then revert to the initial Normal/LOW speed setting. Further operation can be performed by pressing the SPEED, MODE, TIMER, COOL and SWING buttons.

4. If you wish to turn the unit off at a pre-determined time depress the TIMER button. The unit can be set to turn off at any time between 0.5 hour and 7.5 hours from 'Turn On' by depressing the TIMER button. If no time is selected, the unit will operate continuously. The time set can be incremented in 0.5hr steps and the selected time is indicated by a combination of indicator lights. Eg. 5.5hrs is indicated by the 4hr LED, the 1hr LED and the 0.5hr LED being illuminated.

5. To initiate the cooling function depress the COOL button. It will take a few minutes for the air to cool. NOTE: If this button is not depressed the unit will only circulate 'room temperature' air.

6. Move the horizontal louver for the air outlet to blow up or down to suit.

7. The vertical louvres can be set to a direction or allowed to rotate through 120o by depressing the SWING button.

8. All the functions can be performed with the remote control supplied with this unit.

  • Point the remote towards the unit and depress the appropriate button. The remote control will operate up to 4 metres from the unit.
  • Remove battery cover and install two 'AAA' batteries (not included) as indicated. (Please observe correct battery polarity.)

9. Depress the OFF button to cancel all functions.

10. When not in use disconnect the unit from the power outlet and drain all water from the water reservoir. (See HOW TO CLEAN)

NOTE: Initial setting is 'normal' mode and 'low' speed and will occur every time the plug into plugged into the power main. Once the cooler has been set to desire function/s, the cooler will keep memory of the setting as long as there is power to the cooler (step 2) when it is switched OFF, and without unplugging the plug from the power main.

Cleaning and Maintenance for your Evaporative Cooler

To ensure effective humidifying and filtering, it is recommended that the filtering system be cleaned once every 1-2 months.

  1. Disconnect the unit from the mains supply.
  2. Empty the water reservoir by loosening the plug of the water drainage outlet. Make sure you have a container under the drain to collect the water or empty the unit outside. You may have to empty the water collector a few times, finally recap the plug of the water drainage outlet.
  3. It is recommended that the filter be cleaned once every week. The air filter is connected into the back cover via two clips at the top. Release by pressing the two clip down and give it a little push. Care full not to damage the filter.

    CAUTION: Do not immerse or allow the motor or electric cables to come in contact with any liquid.

    To clean the exterior surfaces simply wipe over with a soft damp cloth. Should it be necessary, greasy marks may be removed from the surfaces by using mild soap and a cloth dampened in hot water. Avoid all other types of detergents, cleaners, solvents that may contain chemicals which could damage parts of the unit. Thoroughly dry all parts before storage.

  4. Store in a cool dust free location for next use.

10l Evaporative Cooler Video

Please don't do this to the 10 litre evaporative cooling unit! :)

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