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Some of our Portable Air Conditioners also come with a dehumidifying function and we also sell a select range of dehumidiriers. These dehumidifiers are designed to reduce and/or maintain the humidity level in the air - this is often for health or comfort reasons, but can also eliminate musty odor and to prevent the growth of mildew by extracting water from the air.

Dimplex 25L Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls

Our Price: $ 499.00
Ionmax 2L Dehumidifier ION612

Our Price: $ 629.00
Ionmax 3.5L Dehumidifier ION632

Our Price: $ 649.00
Inalto 3.8kW Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier

Our Price: $ 779.00
Ausclimate 10L Desiccant Dehumidifier AU-1910DD

Our Price: $ 599.00
Philips 2-in-1 Air Dehumidifier Series 5000

Our Price: $ 779.00
Dimplex 50L Dehumidifier GDDE50E

Our Price: $ 699.00
De'Longhi 30L AriaDry Compact Dehumidifier

Our Price: $ 499.00
Breville 2.5L Smart Dry Dehumidifier LAD200WHT

Our Price: $ 449.00