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We're here to help! Use the form below or call us on (08) 6102 0016 if you require more information on our Portable Air Conditioning products. We will get back to you & respond to any questions as soon as possible.

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Portable Air Conditioners Australia

Phone: (08) 6102 0016

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri: 7am - 4pm (Sydney), 9am - 6pm (Perth)
Saturday: 7am - 12pm (Sydney), 9am - 2pm (Perth)
Sunday: closed most Sundays

Email: info@portableair.com.au

Level 2, Kings Court
8-12 Kings Street
Rockdale 2216

Level 3, Bridge Point
3 Marco Polo Drive
Mandurah 6201

Postal Address:
Portable Air Australia
PO Box 470
Cannington WA 6987

Mining/Commercial Enquiries:
Mike Akerman
Phone: 0438 926 111

Please note that we do not stock parts, accessories or manuals. Please contact the manufacturer for these items or for technical advice.

About Us

PortableAir.com.au is managed by a team of specialist sales & logistics staff which have been selling a variety goods online since 2001. We first began selling Portable Air Conditioners in the summer of 2011. Our niche market within Australia's $8 billion Heating & Cooling Industry keeps us very busy from November to March each year.