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Introduction: The thought of staying in a cool, pleasant environment with no sweat is inviting for everybody. Summer is when it is most inviting to go out, what with the kids having a vacation and the absence of the mess created by rain or snow. However, summer brings with it, its own share of woes. The temperatures have been soaring with each year, and people do not await summers with as much enthusiasm as they used to some years ago. However, like every other problem, this also had a solution being devised and improvised to improve matters. Newer techniques are being devised to help keep the temperatures at bay, without coming in the way of the holiday season. The fan was an earlier tool that used to keep homes cooler in summers. Next came the air conditioner. The air conditioners works to keep the room temperature at an optimal level, so you are not affected by extremes of temperatures outside, but continue to enjoy a pleasant environment within the confines of your home or office.

No sweat, no chills - cool, ain't it?? When it was initially introduced, this was considered a luxurious item. Over the years, however, it has become a necessity. Modifications and advancements in the device have continued to happen over the years, so now you have portable air conditioners. These are less space consuming, more economic, and easy to transport. The original regular air condtioners supply cool air to the entire building via a system of ducts. So, irrespective of whether you use all the rooms or not, the temperature control happens for the entire building. This translates into a higher levels of energy consumption and wastage. With environment becoming a major concern for people across the globe, everybody wants to reduce the carbon print in whatever small way possible, so the damage can be minimized, if not altogether avoided. The introduction of portable air conditioners also meant that you can carry it with you during travel or picnics, keeping the summer heat at bay, with the only thing on your mind being to have as much fun as possible with family and friends.